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After surviving the loss of their brother at the young age of thirty three, the Meyers family decided to honor his memory with the creation of the Paul Meyers Foundation.  The foundation was created only a year after the passing of their brother and honors some of the many issues that Paul deemed important.


The first annual Paul Meyers Memorial Golf Tournament was held in April 2013 and raised over $17,000 for medical missions to Haiti.  The foundation was formed soon after that event.


The Paul Meyers Foundation was created to fund agencies and individuals that support the mission’s three main objectives:


To provide medical treatment, food, shelter, and life enrichment activities to severely underprivileged people, both nationally and internationally.


To provide safety and rehabilitation to victims of human trafficking, both nationally and internationally.


To educate the community on the importance of early and continual screening for heart disease and to fund screenings for underprivileged individuals, thus leading to prevention of sudden and early deaths in young adults. 

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